Thursday, April 11, 2013

{Elliott Update}-Systemicjia

First I want to say Thank-you for all of the prayers for Elliott! God has moved mountains in the last few weeks and I know it is because so many of you are going before The Throne of God on Elliott's behalf.

We were able to see a different Doctor at Emory. He is a much better fit for us. The way it was orchestrated is completely of God. Elliott is needing to begin a stronger medication. But due to insurance issues, he can't.
We have been accepted into shriners hospital in South Carolina.  If we can not get insurance figured out quickly, we will have no option but to travel to shriners.

Elliott has felt pretty miserable.  Constantly running fevers and begging me to make his pain go away. It is so hard to see him in pain.
So here are the ways you can pray!

1.) Insurance. Its a mess. Pray we can get it figured out soon.
2.) If we need to go to shriners that Elliotts rheumotologist will be understanding and even willing to be the consulting physician.
3.) Brandon and I need wisdom as we make decisions for Elliott. We need discernment.

1.) Elliott was measured for his adapted stroller and insurance covered it all!
2.) Elliott really liked the new rheumotologist. We are so thankful for Dr.P!
3.) Elliott felt good on Tuesday and we had a fun day out and about. (Picture is at a local peach grove, he loved that tractor!) Good days (ie: pain isin't paralyzing) have been few and far between, and we were thankful for a good day!

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