Saturday, April 20, 2013

{Family Fun}-Lane Packing

Last week we decided to take a last minute pic-nic lunch out to a local attraction. Lane Packing, a magical place that packs peaches, pecans, strawberries, and more. I called my sister in law, Olivia, It was one of those "It's beautiful, the kids are happy and healthy, we don't want to do housework, quick pile in the car and lets go!". My favorite kind of last minute fun! I love being Aunt B to my adorable niece and  nephew. I love that my nephew say's "Aunt B(ea)" with a little southern drawl. Gosh that boy has stolen my heart, and his little sister, heavens to Betsy  when she starts to talk, I'll never be able to say "No" to her requests. They are sweet as pie! Thought I would share a few photo's from our fun trip. We have decided that when our family and friends come to visit, Lane Packing will be a "must visit" location.
They have old tractors you can sit on. Also known as "Little boy's heaven!".
My beautiful sister in law, Olivia and my adorable niece Mali.

"Oh you know, just relaxing on a tractor."

This cutie LOVED sitting on the tractors.

Mali wanted to try too. She ADORES her big cousin Clara, and I assure you the feelings are mutual.
Mali "Driving" the tractor.

Liam looking super cool in his Mommy's sunglasses. He kills me.

Not the best picture, but darn it, I'm never in any photos. So. It's going up!

My sweetheart of a girl, Clara.

If your ever in town and need a fun place to spend an afternoon, we highly recommend Lane Packing!

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