Wednesday, December 18, 2013

God whispers...

I wrote this post a few months ago. I have many posts that haven't been shared. But thought I should share this one. I do hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year!

Whew, what a week we have had. As I sit here, it is late. And I am exhausted. But, God (I love that don't you) He has been so abundantly faithful in the smallest of details in our lives.

Nope, it's not been picturesque. Actually, today, I am fairly certain, my neighbors (good thing they are family!) Could hear my children, one at a time. Crying. Homeschooling is hard. I am often told when I say "We homeschool"..."WOW! You  must be REALLY patient. I could never do that."

Let me set the record strait. Patient. I am not.
As a precious homeschool mom wrote on her instagram. "If patience is a vegetable, I'm a twinkie."

Homeschooling has a way of holding a mirror up to your life. 24/7. This quote hit me. So. True.

If you do not have children yet, you are likely a very patient person. I think I was before I had children. Add children and a husband, and throw in homeschooling for good measure. And you have a perfect combination for making you the least patient person. Ever.

It has been an emotional day. And it was not until tonight when I began piecing our week together, that I sat back, got chills, and thought "Wow, Lord! What are you up to?"

As we battled colds and sickness, God kept the children that could be greatly affected by an upper respiratory infection well. While they were sick for about 48 hrs, it was simply remnants of the terrible virus I had. I am so thankful God spared them the misery.


As many of you know, we have had quite the wild ride over the last year. But, really, our lives have always been a wild ride.

And because of that wild ride we have been on, God has given me a very tender heart towards other people on perhaps a "wilder ride" than others. The people who are hurting, and lonely, and desperate. I can relate to those people. I've been one.

A dear friend was on her own, very unexpectedly, and on a tumultuous ride. She needed help, and after me offering, she agreed. And this week God showed up. He moved mountains (okay, so boxes) and I am pretty sure He extended her vehicle, and we sent her off to a much better and safer place to be. In turn, she blessed me. She is strong in her faith and in our God. And for the first time in weeks, we were able to laugh, a lot, together. God is so good.

And as I sit here, in the dark, late in the evening, looking and observing what is around me, I can hear God whisper.

My cabinets are full of food:
He whispers: "I provide"
My babies are well... "I heal"
My home is just that, home.... "I give"
My friend is safe... "I protect"
My day of lost patience... "My Mercies are new Every Morning"

And a flash flood of Love overcomes me as I hear him whisper "I AM Love!".

How have you heard God Whisper to you this week?

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