Sunday, October 19, 2014

Elliott Benjamin

I can hardly believe that in just a few days, our sweet Elliott Benjamin will be EIGHT years old!!!!! It seems like just yesterday, this picture was taken in the Hospital...

 He has always been a beautiful child. He was born via c-section, and the nurses were constantly coming in my room to see if I "needed a break" because "We just can't get enough of him!". 

He has lived through more in his eight years, than most people do in a lifetime. He is our joy and delight, constantly showing us what it means to persevere, through pain and hardship. He really always has been the sweetest, cuddliest, tender-hearted, compassionate, kind, loving, energetic and out going child. I am so blessed and grateful to be his Mom.


I love how unique he is, example, all he asked for, for his birthday....
1.A camera
2.A wrist watch

He came up with those things all on his own, and it really tells you what kind of kid he is, not typical at all. Everyone that gets to know Elliott, says he has an "Old soul". or he is "Wise beyond his years" or "He is always so grateful." That is Elliott. We are so excited to celebrate him all week long.

 (Elliott as John, from Peter Pan, Halloween)

We chose the name Elliott, because of the meaning..."Jehovah is God." Elliott exudes this. When having labs done, he always sings "Jesus Loves Me". Always leaving the staff in tears. When someone in the medical community has treated Elliott, they don't forget him. We will run into them again, and they say "Hey, I remember you! I sang Jesus Loves me for weeks because of you!". Doctors and nurses alike, are amazed by his strength. That is no co-incidence. His middle name is Benjamin, it means "Son of my right hand", when we were choosing names, I did some name research. Of course, having NO idea what Elliott would live though. But God did. He lead us to the name Benjamin. Your right hand, is typically your strongest. In Hebrew, it also means, "Son of Strength"....or get this. "Son of the South".

Those pictures, were taken right before we moved. To the South. We praise God we moved (for a job), but more so, for Elliott. In the south, he finally got a diagnoses. The years of doctors scratching their heads, of hospitals, and every test under the sun. Moving south, has meant him getting some of the best care in the United States. This boy has lived through a lot. And yet, look at this smile...

Why do I tell you all of this? Because, God goes before us. Elliott Benjamin, his name, tells us that God is Jehovah, and He gives us Strength. Arthritis has taken away so much of Elliott's physical strength. But, Elliott in spirit, is the strongest child I have ever known. If you can learn anything from Elliott, it would be this. A diagnoses, has no power over who God intended you to be, and what He has in store for you. We love you so much sweet boy, you point us to Jesus daily. You love so well. You are an example and testimony, daily. Your high pitch, sweet voice, is precious to all who know you. Your smile lights up a room. Your honesty makes everyone laugh. Your joy is contagious. God is using your life in so many ways, and we know He has great and mighty things ahead for you. We love you so incredibly much.
I Love You Always and Forever, 

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Maryellen said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet boy.

All your children are just lovely.