Monday, November 3, 2014

{Family Photo's 2014}

I had the opportunity to get our family photo's done last weekend, thanks to my sister in law, who was up visiting, and didn't mind snapping some photo's for us with my camera! It's much easier to have someone take the photo's, than attempt using the timer (We have done that before too though!)

As a photographer myself, I hear all the time "I don't know what we will wear", or "I just need to loose ten more pounds, and then we will have family photo's taken." or "My kids will never co-operate and I'd hate to waste your time."

As a Mom, I get it. I really. Really. Do! My kids act loopy when I take their photo's. Getting outfits together can be a chore. And add getting myself photo ready on top of the madness, can be a nightmare. (oh, and since I use my own equipment, that means making sure it's ready too!)

I can't tell you how many times, I've looked back, and been so grateful for those images. It's about capturing a moment in time, you will never get back. 

The majority of our clothing is from thrift shops and goodwill this year (mixed in with some hand-me-downs). See, it IS possible to dress your family, on a budget. Mine? Was $30. It can be done! And, it's all name brands, from J.Crew, Ralph Lauren, Gymboree, Abercrombie, Chicco's, and Clara's dress is handmade. (Not by me! I just found it at goodwill!)

All of these photo's were taken in our backyard! The lighting back there is great! If any of you live in the Atlanta area, and are looking for a photographer to book your families Holiday Photo's, I am now booking sessions. Feel free to contact me through the blog, or visit my facebook page

For the next month I am offering a special:
$100- for a 45 min session with 15 high resolution images. 

(Good for Nov 1st-Nov.30th. Must pay at time of booking. Good for up to five people. 
Additional $20 per person.)
Hope to hear from you soon!

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