Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mothers Day...

What a blessing to celebrate Mother's Day with my four favorite little people! Though Riley was still overcoming his cold,and we decided to stay home and not attend church,we still had a great time just being together.At noon we went to my Aunts house to celebrate my Grandmothers 85th Birthday.What fun we did have! I made little scrapbooks for our mom's and grandmothers on they have updated brag books of the kids to carry around and show all of their friends,etc.My mom was super sweet and got me a gift bag full of goodies,since the kids are all still little,and my hubby has been working crazy long hours,she was so kind and thoughtful to put together a little gift for me.Here are some pictures that our oldest Jackson took of myself and our three children.I tried to get Jackson to be in the picture,but he SO wanted to be the photographer! I am so blessed to be called mommy by these four sweet children...oh,and my hubby let me go get a manicure for mothers day,that was simply WONDERFUL! :)

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