Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A night out...alone...kindof...

The week before mother's day,my mom treated me to a free ticket to a concert at the high school where she is the accompanist.She even treated me to Wendy's afterwards (was going to go to sonic,but did not have time to drive that far)! I had a great time just sitting,and listening to the wonderful choirs sing!This high school is the largest in the area,and truly put on an amazing performance.In the picture above is my mom at the piano.Sorry the pictures are not too great,we were not allowed to use a flash.One fun thing about this concert,my brother Hunter went too.He was cracking me up with his comments,he is known for being a jokester.At one point an older couple mistook us (Hunter and I)as being a couple.We both just looked at each other,and broke into uncontrollable laughter! I'm sure that sweet older couple thought we were off our rockers! (ha ha) Thanks mom for a night out,away from all of my responsibilities!


Erica said...

how fun!

Blessed Mom of 8 said...

Bethany it sounds like a wonderful night out! Laughter does the body and soul good!

It is nice to "meet" you. Thanks for visiting our blog today.

I'll be praying over your son's treatment and care. I fought hard for our daughter when she was going through many challenges 3 yrs ago.

Praying for God's complete discernment over what is best for him.

Blessings and love,