Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy New Year...A little late...

Happy New Year!

Okay,so I realize it's a little past new years. But,in my defense my birthday is new years eve,and I was far too busy livin' it up and partay-ing.

Okay,so that's NOT true.

I did have a lovely birthday.

My parents were out of town,at a wedding,in Kansas.That we were supposed to go to as well.But,couldn't. And That was just fine.

Okay,so that's not true either.

I REALLY wanted to be in Kansas,but God had other plans,and Elliott was scheduled to have his stitches removed from his mouth three days after we were planning to leave.So,my parents went to the wedding,and sent me pictures via text message through my mom's cell phone they left with me.

Elliott recovered well from his surgery,I celebrated my Birthday. Life with schedules attempted to start back again...and then the snow came.But enough about the pretty white fluffy stuff that continues to fall at record breaking speed. I wanna talk about my birthday.

I spent the day before my birthday attempting to get caught up on laundry that had accumulated over the Holidays. Amazingly enough,I got caught up,folding the rest of the laundry piled on our love seat the morning of my birthday.

Happy Birthday To ME!

Then (while folding) my husband informed me that the children were going to spend the evening away,and he proceeded to encourage them to pack clothes to stay over night at their grandparents house (my husbands parents).They were thrilled (understatement of the year!),and I was super excited to have a night with no one waking up crying for mommy,or snuggled up in our bed.Though really,I don't mind either. And really that, is the truth.

I also knew I was desperately needing a solid nine hours of sleep.Something I RARELY if EVER get. So my hubby packed up the kids,took them to his parents,and I took a loooongggg hot shower,with no little people sitting in the bathroom asking me a million questions! Then I actually painted my nails (it's been at least six months since I did that!)Then my wonderful husband made a yummy meal for me,complete with candles and warm brownies for dessert! Then we watched a chick flick! Then we attempted to watch the ball drop...and that was magical!


Talk about horrible "music" talent.So,we turned that off,and went to bed.Early.
And Slept LATE,really late! I had a GREAT birthday.

Completed with a precious gift from my husband,27 love notes...with 27 different "coupons"....like "One Day of Laundry"...or "Daddy does bedtime and bathtime,while mommy does nothing!" or "Complete house cleaning,you make the list,I do the work".And on,and on it went!

And NO I am NOT lying!

Seriously?!?! THAT is the BEST gift HE could EVER give ME! HIS TIME! I've already redeemed two...;) "midnight run to the store"(I NEEDED chocolate)...and "Clean the bathroom"(when you have one bathroom,it gets gross,fast!). I've got twenty five more to go! And I thought turning 27 would be not so great...one more year closer to the big 3-0.

BUT if I was younger I would not have gotten so many "coupons"! :)

Hope you all had a very blessed and Happy New Year! I sure did!

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