Monday, January 24, 2011

Oh to stay little...

I love my children. And I love what they say...Here are a few favorites that I can recall as of late...
After making spaghetti and meatballs Riley squeals and says
"IIII Wwwwuubbb MEAT BOBS!" (that was a few weeks ago,and I admit,I've made it since then,just to hear him say's sooooo cute)
At the dinner table with family yesterday Uncle Adam kept saying to Elliott "I'm your Mommy"...cause he kept trying to get my attention...Elliott stops and says "No,your a Daddy!" (his wife is expecting,but he's not officially a Daddy yet)...Adam says "I am?"...Elliott says "Well,you can be,if you want to be,you just have to ask God,and He will make you a Daddy."...Child-like faith.Love it.
Jackson has been asking us all kinds of questions about what I liked as a child,what my first toy was,etc. The other day he asked "Mom,did you pray for me,when you were little"...I said "I always prayed that I could be a Mommy"...he said "I'm so glad you wanted to be my mommy"...yep,my heart melted.
Clara is writing,everything.She loves to practice,and has been found with a notebook and pencil in her bed to "practice a little before bed"...after she's fallen asleep I love to look through it...and I found a precious note:
"I love My Mom"...I LOVE my mom"..."I LOVE MY MOM"...that is gracing my fridge now.
My little boys are really,really into helping mommy lately. It's great!They LOVE to wash dishes,and the other night washed all the dinner dishes,I pulled two chairs up to the sink,and they stood there in their p.j.'s, elbow to elbow,tiny hiny to tiny hiny.Scrubbing away. I was overcome. The cuteness was consuming. I thought..."I want to remember these moments forever"...oh,and they were giggling because they figured out how to "blow the dish bubbles" on each other. Mercy,was it cute!
Of course,since they love to help...they also discovered that I leave the lid of the washing machine open...usually going downstairs ten or more times a day to throw wet towels,clothes,etc in the wash. At night I just run down,turn the washer on,and wash a load every night. Yesterday morning I woke up,went to the washer...there were little pieces of paper E-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e! The little boys decided to "help" and I guess throughout the day had been throwing things in the washer too,just like Mommy! Like a full deck of playing cards(hence the paper everywhere),a matchbox car, a few army men, and a toothbrush. All I could do was laugh...well after I got every teeny tiny piece of paper out of the washer!
Riley's realized he has eyelashes that are two inches long. And has discovered how to use them to his advantage. Whenever he asks for anything. And I mean anything. He tilts his little head to the side,so his eyelashes look three times as long,and gives you the most precious "puppy dog eyes" look E-V-E-R! I'm really having to work hard on NOT giving's REALLY hard!
Last one,I promise. I always say to my kids throughout the day "Your Mommy loves you so much!" Riley has begun to say back "Your Riey wubs mommy and daddy...I wub bofh of you"... be still my beating heart...oh to stay little! :)

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