Monday, January 17, 2011

"I hate needles"

We took Elliott to the doctor today. And anytime you mention a doctor,he's less than thrilled. I can't blame him. I used to literally get sick to my stomach when I was a child from the anxiety of "going to the doctor". And as his Momma,I hate that he's had to be to so many doctors in the last month. His recovery is going well from his mouth surgery.The doctor suggested we have his eyes checked,so we are going to see a specialist for that. And,now we just wait to make sure the blood test comes back good and clear.As we were leaving the doctors office Elliott announced (quite loudly,as he can't whisper) "I HATE NEEDLES!!!". The nurses got a kick out of his statement,he was so adamant,and serious. And,I gotta say,I agree with him 100%..."I HATE NEEDLES TOO!"...especially when they poke my babies!

Another Elliott funny,while hanging out at my parents house on Sunday.The little boys wanted to play a game,so my mom got out a few games,and Elliott said:
"Grammy,I don't know how to play this game,can you read the vacations?".

Ah,I love him so much.SO.VERY.MUCH!

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