Monday, August 13, 2012


What a fun week we had with my parents and brothers. We did so many fun things together.
All the Grand kids in their matching outfits= LOVE!

It was quite surreal when they left,and we stayed here. In Georgia.
All of my family. (Perk of having no furniture...lots of room to take a family picture inside!)

We've been here a month. You'd think it would be "home". And it is. But the reality that this isn't a long vacation really sank in when my family left. We really do love it here. Though we do really miss our precious family and friends in Indiana.
My Adorable niece Mali

Georgia is our new normal. I think we've gone through so many crazy things over the past few years to teach me to adapt quickly to "new normal's".  I really could not have made it without my brother and his awesome wife right next door. They have been so loving, and supportive. We love them so much.

All the girls in the family.Yes,Mali is that happy.All.The.Time! Such a good baby!

We had precious friends, that are way more like family. Come to visit us. Their visit was short, but ever so sweet. Next time it has to be longer, and hopefully their daughter and son in law will be able to come too! We really need to plan a vacation with them. We'd have so much fun together! We are so blessed to have so many friends from all over the country. I moved quite a bit as a kid. Thankful we live closer to these friends now. Hopefully we can take a road trip soon and head to Dothan, Alabama, I'd love to show my kids all of my old haunts. :)

All of us at my brothers house. 
My sister is an amazing artist...she just finished the awesome painting over the couch!

This week is back to life "as  normal" in Georgia. We are staring school, and continuing with follow up doctors appointments for Elliott. Thank you for your prayers for him. Keep them coming. He needs them!

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