Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Day of School...

Home school that is.

Do I have any adorable pictures of my children? Nope.

Did I insist on doing every subject? Nope

Was it all "oh this is just glorious, your all darling creative little children?"......

Actually. Yes!

Okay so maybe not exactly that "Glorious". As I can't remember the last time I showered.
Aaannnnnd my house is a disaster.

But. We did it! (cue a celebration dance...or a midnight "you made it" run for ice cream!)

It was by FAR the best first day of school we have ever had.

And it has only taken me three years to figure it out.

My secret?!?


Gasp! Shocking. I know.

Yep. That's right.

We woke up, ate breakfast, had devotions. Ran 2 miles. Came home, did math and reading. Took a break for play time/ practicing music and lunch. Came back did some history and spelling. Finished with a craft and called it a day.

 I'm pretty sure everyone wore their pajama's all day.
 Oh,except Jackson. He had to wear his "running clothes".
But hey, I'm just trying to keep up the "All home schoolers wear pajama's all day" thinking.
And what is wrong with that I ask?!?

We laughed. And just had fun. I followed my little boys cues. When they needed a break to do some "constructive play", I let them. This is the first year we have schooled all four.

Won't lie. I was SO nervous.

But, I survived. We survived.

And I have learned a valuable lesson.

To Chill.Out.

Tomorrow we will add history, some composition, and more.
 If any of you prayed for us today. Thank you!
Mark it on the calendar, today was a GOOD first day back to school!

Tomorrow I'm expecting rainbows and unicorns. While children loving learn from their dear mother, and thoughtfully take turns using the elmer's glue.

I'm thinking a unicorn will be more likely to be seen.

Okay. So I'm just hoping I can pull myself together and manage to do the house chores...along WITH school.

Who am I kidding.

 Note to self:

"The day is much more enjoyable when you have NO expectations.".

Yea. Still working on that.

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