Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall is here...

Last weekend while Daddy was gone all day at Uncle Jake's Bacholor party
(my husbands brother is getting married on the 26th)
Saturday,I took the kids to Middlebury (Amish Country) to their Fall Festival Days.It's a perfect place to take little ones,as the crowds are not over whelming.The weather was glorious,and the kids had a blast!In the down town they have a nice park for the kids to play.That is where we spent the last hour of our day!My mom tagged along,and my Aunt and Grandma and my cousin met us there.We had so much fun,and the kids came home exhausted and ready for bed!
Riley has become quite confident in playing on big playgrounds like this.I remember not too long ago when he would not walk on any of the play equipment,because it has holes and I think he thought he could fall through!lol
Elliott on the spring horse as you can see by his hair,he was really movin!

Sweet Clara,I love how the rays of sunshine are coming down on our little angel.

Riley always in motion.

Jackson hanging upside down...and this bar was pretty far off the ground so I was impressed!

Watching the antique car parade...Elliott and Riley were enthrawled.
Truly they are Hartman's through and through.

The park has some old Canons the boys thought were way cool and wanted to climb all over them.

We ate lunch in the pavilioin in the center of the park down town.After all what's a fall festival with out some yummy food.We had amish noodles and chicken.

And Grammy got a plate of cupcakes for the kids!They were SO excited!

Riley's first Cotton Candy.He was not too sure of the

This video was taken accidentally.I turned the camera to video instead of picture.But,I love it because you can hear my grandma in the background laughing at Riley,who of course was being a ham saying "cheese"every second!lol

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Kim said...

You have the most precious pictures of the most adorable children. You have a beautiful family, Bethany.
Reading about all your adventures makes me tired... my hats off to you and all you do. I enjoy your blog.