Monday, September 21, 2009

Labor Day...

On Labor day we ventured out to Potato Creek Park.The Kids had so much fun playing on the beach,flying kites and just getting good and dirty.My parents met us there around noon and we ate lunch.The park was not busy at all,and in fact we had the entire beach to ourselves all morning.The water was pleasant and the weather was perfect!My Grandmother came along as well and I think she ejoyed watching the children run and play.Here are some of the many pictures we took from the day.I have a couple of videos too I will try to get up!What did you do for Labor day?

Jackson ate his lunch in the tree...

Riley and Daddy wressling...

Elliott in the tree...I love this picture of him!
Grammy pointing to the kites..
We flew Kites,well,the adults ran around until we were out of breath trying to keep the kites off the gound.

Then we gave up and gave the kites to the kids and they ran and ran to keep their kites off the ground!

Riley got bug bites all over his forehead...and ate himself silly...and overall had a great time!

Sweet Miss Clara...
she pushed Riley around in his stroller

All the adults eating the yummy ribs my Dad made on the grill.

My Grandmother is here visiting from Florida and came along with us.
Jackson could not stay out of the tree...:)

Playing on the beach...Riley was COVERED in sand when we left!

Big kids playing in the water!
We brought sea shells...

Daddy blowing bubbles with you can see we were the only people on the beach...that was SO nice!

Our Sand Castle...with a moat...we were very proud of our creation...until Riley ran through it...then we all just laughed!

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