Sunday, September 20, 2009

Still Here!

We are still here.It's just been a very busy...summer.But,now summer is over,and we are getting into the swing of fall schedules.We began homeschooling,and that is going great,the kids love every minute of it,well almost every minute! Jackson and Clara are both starting kindergarden.I love the curriculum that I found.Little Hearts For His Glory.It's great,everything is planned out for you,and God's word is woven into and around everything!The verse we learned last week was"Let the Little Children Come to Me,and Do not forbid them,for such is the kingdom,of Heaven".We memorized it to a song,and they have been singing it throughout the day as they play.I love to hear them sing!It's blessing my socks off knowing that they are learning all about the Lord,God's goodness and faithfulness to us continues to amaze me!

Elliott is having two therapy sessions a week,with his OT coming every other week,making three therapy sessions.He got his benik finally (suit you wear under your clothes.I know it sounds crazy,but it's working!)He still has good days,and not so good days.But,his language skills are really coming along! At his therapy session last week,with his speach therapist,he started turning the flash cards over and reading the backs of the cards.This amazed all of us!He is SO smart,more than we realize I think! He has a passion for riding his bike,he would ride all day long,everyday.Last week he said as clear as a bell "Mom,I go outside and ride my bike please?" For Elliott that is a chore to say that many words,just to remember to use all of his words is a huge accomplishment.Of course I said yes,I mean,who can say no to his little pouty face?!? (Don't worry,I can say no!)

Riley is our smiley Riley,always flashing a grin and making us laugh.Last night as I was cleaning the back porch I had point of grace playing and I turn around from moping and he is bobbing his little head to the music and swinging his arms.All the kids and I began dancing and laughing our heads off.Thats Riley,always making us laugh,together.Clara said to me as we were dancing "Mom,I love Riley,he is just so great".She's smitten,we all are.

In other news,we did a big room switch.The boys are all downstairs now.While Mommy and Daddy moved to the boys room upstairs with Clara across the hall from us.I painted what was the master bedroom a lovely enchanted sea blue color.The switch was nessecary because we had been given a loft bed twin over a full.And the celings upstairs are slanted.Hence the only place we could put a bunk bed,was in the middle of the room!We got the boys room all put together,and we slept on the couches for a night,while I painted upstairs.A huge thankyou goes to my dear friend who came and helped me.Our kids played together while we painted our new bedroom and got it all painted in about two hours!When I first had the idea of switching rooms,I thought it to be no big deal.What I did not account for was all the things that had to be moved.Needless to say,our lives were crazy for about two weeks,while we re-arranged.And our armoire is still sitting in our living room,because it won't fit up the stairs.So,we have to figure out a new location for it.The boys love their new room,and we are loving being upstairs.With Clara having asthma,it makes it much easier to wake up in the night with her,and most mornings we wake up with her in our Clara is loving it too!;)

Whew,that was a longer update than I had planned...and kudos to you if you are still reading this! Have no and more blogs to come!Blessings!

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Bethany said...

Great update! Glad to know that school is going well. I've been praying for you and wondering how you all were doing. Maybe we can get the kids together for an afternoon outing one more time before the cold weather brings us all indoors! Take care and God bless, my dear friend.