Monday, September 21, 2009

Rose Marie

Meet Rosie!
I have the wonderful privilege of babysitting Rosie two days a week.She is such a sweet and happy baby.I kid you not,I don't think she has ever cried while I have been watching her! After having a pretty high maintenance baby (a couple actually) she is a walk in the park to tend to!The children love to dote on her,and I love having a little baby to love on,then be able to send home and not have to wake in the night to take care of her.Having her around has been so good for Riley,as he is the baby of the family,and we have realized just how much we treat him like the baby.He is learning to share,and now just loves Rosie and gets so excited when she comes.At first he wanted to be the baby,would go grab his bottle and sit next to me while I gave Rosie her bottle saying "I mama's baby".Yes,it was so adorable,but also made me realize how much I baby him.Oh well,he is my baby!
This expression on her face above just makes me smile!
I had a little photo shoot with Rosie one afternoon.The bow in her hair is Clara's and matched her dress perfectly.Isn't she just the sweetest little girl?! I loved this little tennis dress she had on too!Little girls are so fun to dress up!

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