Monday, April 9, 2012

An announcement...

So, I ended my last post sharing that I have an announcement. Sorry for the delay, it's hard to get on a computer when you don't own one. (Thank-you unwanted visitors, aka:robbers!) We've been borrowing a laptop from my parents, but it's unbelievably slow and old. (for the record, I loathe Acer computers!!!) But, if anyone broke in to steal this computer...I'm pretty sure they'd just turn around and leave. Yes. It's that bad.

But, I turned it on, and waited twenty minutes for it to warm up to get on here and update my blog. I've been busy the last week. To say it was a rough week, is putting it mildly. I've had no less than five places I had to be daily. And usually one was a Dr. or therapists office. We did have some relaxed moments where we got to catch up with friends at a park. Those were much needed, for the kids, and I! We had a lovely Easter, celebrating Christ's Resurrection at church, then spending the afternoon with family having the traditional Easter Egg Hunt. I HAD intended to get a picture of all of us in our duds. But, that did not happen. Oh well, this weekend we will be having Easter with my side of the family, and hopefully I can get some pictures as a family then!

I am SO excited about what God is doing and showing us in our family. Last week God once again proved his faithfulness to us. In SO many little details, that could only be His doing! For that, we are ever so thankful.
I've been so challenged over the last few weeks in my walk of faith. Worrying about details, of how we will make it, or what I should do if we don't. Then God shows up in a little detail as if to say to me "HEY! I got this!"....or "You SAY you Believe Me, LIVE IT!".

 I've also felt like a total failure. And just at that moment, God points me to another Mom, who I thought must have an extra ten hours a day she's tapped into, that I'd yet to discover, because she seemed to "do it all".  I She shared that she in fact, does not. And suddenly this huge weight of comparison, failure, etc, was lifted. What I'm dealing with daily. Isn't what your dealing with. I won't judge you, please don't judge me. All we can do is our best. And ask God for mercy and grace when we don't.

 I was reminded to "pick yourself up and move on" last week. Watching the kids play on the playground, and their little friend fell down. Clara ran up and say "oops, go boom!" and reached down patted the dirt of his little hands, held his hand, and walked away saying "All better". I did this to her when she was little. Kids fall, we all fall. But, do we sit there and and feel sorry for our self? Or do we brush off and say All Better? I mean do we see how we are better for it.  That through that fall in our life, we are being shaped into the likeness of Christ. Getting a little glimpse of the suffering He went through on the Cross, for us. When that tomb was empty, it was God saying "All better". Brush off, and follow Him.

Know I am writing this to myself, as much as I'm writing to you. Life is hard, and there are MANY times when I just want to wallow in that very fact. But this week has been evidence that yes, Life is hard. But God is Good. So. Very. Good. Continue to cast your cares on Him, because He REALLY does care for You.

So that announcement. I have decided to start vlogging. What is that? It's like a blog, but done through video.
I've already been toying around with different topics, some things in the works:
Spring trends, Dressing on a dime, Park play and exercise, Good food that's good for you, and many more!
  I will be posting a link to my you-tube channel soon! Make sure you subscribe!
 Hope you all had a blessed Easter! These pictures were taken a few weeks ago,it was hot, and Jackson was not having it. There's always one. So,we took this series of pictures in about fifteen minutes. I love the way they turned out, real life for sure. No time for editing, so these are right out of my camera.

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