Monday, April 16, 2012

Fur Babies...

I would like to introduce you to our new additions at our house...Meet Ricky and Lucy.

These adorable little pups, were dumped in a retention ditch behind my husband's, cousin's, in-laws house. How anyone could leave these sweet pups is beyond me. They were in really bad shape,coat wise. The matting was horrible. Thankfully a dear friend helped me clean them up. Seven hours later, they looked like little dogs again. No, I'm not kidding. The little dear's were that badly neglected. Both need to put on some weight, and we are working on doing just that. They are probably around 1 and a half to two years old. Ricky thinks he's big stuff, but weighs in at about three pounds (lost weight from removing all the mats on his little body!) And Lucy is about five pounds. Lucy loves to be close to you, and is my little shadow. Anytime I sit down, she is on my lap. Ricky loves to be perched high where he can look down at everything. And he'll bark at just about everything, Lucy will bark if she feels the need to. But I honestly think she's just happy with leaving that to Ricky! We are so thankful for these two precious fur babies. Our children adore them, and they have fit right into our family. Lucy is much more timid, and was afraid of the shutter noise on my camera. Hence why there's not as many pictures of her. We are not finished grooming them, still have more work to do. But they were so scared we decided to do the grooming in stages. Believe me, there will be more pictures. We just have to get them used to the camera. ;)

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