Thursday, April 12, 2012


Wow!We have had a CRAZY two weeks! I am at the hospital now with Elliott he is having a consult with a GI. I just had to Get on here and thank our precious church family for the love, support prayers, and meals! Also to our family. We could not go through this season of unemployment and health struggles without you! We have SOOOOO MANY PRAISES! YAY! FINALLY!
As I was driving to the hospital I was flooded with tears (thankyou local Christian radio station for playing tear jerkers!) And I was overwhelmed with Gratitude for all God has blessed us with.

SO I though I would list all the praises we have!
1.) BRANDON WAS OFFERED A JOB! He starts Monday!
2.)I am starting a Bible Study at my home, but had no Tv to play the video lessons. God provided through sweet friends who gave us a Tv. The biggest Tv we've ever owned!
3.)God is giving us so much peace and clarity for our future! We are excited about it!
4.)Elliott is in a new therapy twice a week. Its a drive (and with gas prices we had no idea how we'd make it work) but God has provided! He LOVES it! And we are seeing GOOD things come from it!
5.) WE HAVE TWO NEW PRECIOUS ADDITIONS TO OUR FAMILY!!! They are furry little yorkie's that were dumped behind an extended family members, inlaws home. We are in love with them! We will introduce them properly one they are groomed today. They are about a year and a half old maybe even two. One is 3lbs one is 5lbs. Yes. They are darling and we adore them. :)pictures to come!
6.) I have felt so overwhelmed with meal planning. And a precious lady at our church has offered to bring us a meal a week!!!! SERIOUSLY BLESSES ME!

There is a few of our HUGE praises! Can I get a "Praise Jesus!!!"
I also need to appologize to my photography clients waiting for pictures! I will be getting your pictures edited and ready by this weekend.

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