Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Card a Day

I shared about a dear family The Rose Family here. Julie passed away unexpectedly last week. She always made time for others, when our son was in the hospital she made a beautiful card for him, and a note for me. It meant so much to me. In an effort to encourage her boys and share stories of their mom,
 I decided to do what she did best. Encourage through a written card or note.

I am organizing a card a day for the Rose Family. I hope to get enough people to send them a card a day for the next year. If you knew Julie you could share a story, perhaps send a picture. Everyday I would like her boys and husband to receive a special card/letter about Julie. If you did not know Julie personally, just sending a card to let them know you are praying for them, and how much they are loved, would mean ever so much. Let's shower this family with special cards and notes for the next year.

Also would you commit to pray for the Rose Family on your assigned "Card Day?". I want Onsby
(her husband) to know that everyday for the next year, they are being prayed for.

I am putting together a master list, all you have to do is email me that you would like be a part of this at:

bethanyhartman31 at gmail.com

In the Subject line simply put "A Card a Day".

I will send you an email back as soon as I compile everyone's requests.

Please share this with your friends, this blogging community has been such a blessing to our family.
I hope to be able to bless the Rose Family through it.

*Edited to Add:
 A Trust Fund has been set up for her boys.
It is through Bank of America. You can go into any Bank of America, and simply state you want to make a deposit to Onsby C.Rose

Or you can make a donation via Paypal. All you need is his email address, posted below.

Here is a link to Julie's obituary.

Thank you friends!


Abby Johns said...

I would definitely be willing to send a card. I lost my mother to cancer 7 years ago this December, so I would love to do something to support another going through something similar. You can reach me at abby unabridged (at) gmail (dot) com

stephen watford said...

I was a former schoolmate to Julia and as a mom I want to honor a great friend and mom. my emails are wswangelis@aol.com & stephenwatford@ymail.com

Stephanie French said...

I went to school with Julia (Diane) and have been keeping in touch through Facebook for a couple of years. She was so proud of her family, I was evident through every post and picture. I would be honored to share back some of the love that she shared with all of us. jsjfrench@gmail.com

Steve Allen said...

Proud to be your Father Bethany...you truly have a giving heart! Thanks for doing this...it is a fabulous idea!