Friday, September 20, 2013


Last weekend was my husbands 30th Birthday!

I can not believe I have known this man, since he was just a boy. To be so blessed to marry him, and celebrate ten years of marriage this summer, to be followed by celebrating his 30th Birthday? It's been a milestone year.

 He is older than I am, (just had to put that out there). But it is good to know what to expect and "look forward to".

On the morning of his Birthday, he woke up and immediately stated:

"I'm really really tired."

My response?: "So, I guess that is what thirty is like, huh? Tired before you are really even awake? Well, I'm already there. Thanks for making it less scary."

This picture makes me laugh, and freeze this moment in time. Riley is constantly asking about numbers. "How many is three plus five?"...and "Four hundred plus two hundred?". We always say, "Count it out on your fingers." This time, he didn't ask, but simply added on his fingers. Having NO clue I was snapping his picture doing so. Then stated "So Dad, in ten years you will be forty?  Cause two plus two is four." Smart little whipper snapper.

This guy has every right to be tired. He wakes up before all of us. Exercises, makes his smoothy, takes care of my dogs, and kisses me goodbye (typically while I am still asleep!). He is the first one to work. I know because on rare occasions I have to drive him to work. He works hard. He works 9-7 and every saturday. Retail kinda stinks in that regard. He never complains about it, ever.
I made Chicken Linguini Salad (it is what he requested) and asparagus. Thankful he didn't care that it wasn't anything fancy, as I was still battling a fierce virus.

Then when he comes home, he play's with the kids, helps with dinner, or household chores. Goes on a walk with us, read's books to the kids, studies marketing and is constantly downloading trainings and seminars to listen to. He writes in his journal and kisses me goodnight, before starting the grind all over again.

I admire his dedication, his drive and focus.

I am the butterfly, he is the grounded tree.

 He is the analyzer and planner and thinker, and I, well, am not.

 He makes spreadsheets on the computer, of budgets and goals, for fun. The pile of books beside our bed could be a bedside table.

He desires to grow, and learn, and be better. I need that. And I am so blessed he pushes me to do so.
And while some may look back at their twenties with regret, while we do of course have some, we have learned so much from our mistakes and failures. It *almost* makes me excited to turn 40! To think about how much I will learn and change and grow in my thirties. With this man by my side, I say, bring it on!

I have seen his heart, radically changed by a loving, merciful, grace giving, God. And I think he would say the same of me. We came into our marriage with enough baggage to sink the titanic. Yet, God redeems and raises us up from the pit we have dug.

Nope, he is not perfect. But he is perfect for me.

And since I know he will read this,
I love you, so very much. Thank-you for fearlessly leading our family on this wild adventure called life. I wouldn't want to ride along with anyone else. I respect you so much, for choosing to lead our family under God's authority. And while we have had so many heartaches and disappointments over the years, my love for you has only grown. I can not wait to see what God is going to do in our thirties!

"And when the years have stolen youth away, I will stay. You will  be the keeper of my heart, until my final day and I am lost for words. You're more than I deserve, and when I can not stand. 
You are where I land."

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