Sunday, September 8, 2013

Thrifty Deals...

I love finding a good deal. And 98% of my wardrobe is from thrift shops. (The other 2% has been given to me as gifts from family and friends) I have been blessed to find some incredible finds. And thought I would share my tips and secrets for finding amazing deals thrifting.
This entire outfit, is from goodwill.

First, go through your closet, and mentally think about what you need or want. Or, search online for the look's of the season. Make a list. Because there is so much to "dig through" in thrift stores. You must go in with a game plan, or you will quickly become overwhelmed.

Know your brands. I never buy anything but a top name brand or designer when thrifting. Why? Because name brands are less likely to shrink, and hold up better than big box store brands. Keep in mind, the majority of the clothing in thrift stores has already been laundered. Here is a great list of designer brands to look for when shopping.

Most thrift stores have a color of the day that is on sale, or even a members perks club. For a small fee you can join, and receive discounts. Many have 50% off day once or twice a month. While living up north, I hated fighting the crowds on Saturday for 50% off, but Wednesday was always 40% off and no crowds. I would gladly pay 10% more, to not have to deal with the crowds! Don't be afraid to call and ask about how the sales work at your local thrift store before shopping. When you walk in, they usually have a sign posted with sale information, take a picture with your phone to remember while you shop.

Whenever I thrift shop, I head to the shoes first. Maybe because I love shoes. But also, because they are the easiest to spot. I look for brand new shoes, and sometimes there are many. Other times, not. The key is to find pieces that are unique and again, name brand!

Love these black sandals I found back in April.

After shoes, I head to accessories (belts, purses, scarves) those too are easy to spot, and grab what you are looking for. Remember scarves can be turned into great head wraps! I have had this scarf, probably for ten years. One can never have too many accessories.

When looking for clothing. It can be overwhelming. Look for high quality fabrics. And look at the tags for brands. Keep in mind the color tag that is on sale too. Some thrift stores sort by size, some by color, and some don't sort at all. Even if they do sort by size, typically I still will go through all of the racks. I can not tell you how many times I have found an awesome piece, in the "wrong place". Tip for petite people. Look in the children's clothing. MANY times they will not realize the size/brand and misplace adult clothing in the children's section. And about sizes. They really do typically mean nothing, when thrifting. I mean, sure, pant's are pretty true to size. But even then, not always. If you see it, and like it, try it on. Always. No matter the size. And especially with pants, try them on. Zippers are typically the first thing to go, and people will donate them. I do have friends that just replace the zipper. Not me. I can not stress how important it is to try something on, and check every piece of clothing over for stains, holes, or wear and tear.

Found these lovely minnetonka's at goodwill not too long ago. LOVE them!

When needing seasonal items, shop on the off season. Jacket's for example, are much easier to find in the summer when people are not looking for them.The jacket I am wearing here, I found in June. Perfect military style jacket! This is especially true for items like hats and gloves. While it can be hard to buy in the off season, I highly recommend it. (Especially when buying clothes for your children!)
Thrifting is also a great way to find jeans to make into shorts. As I did above. Much cheaper, and the style of the leg doesn't matter, because you are just going to cut them off! Actually, all the clothing in the picture above is from thrifting. Accessories were all gifts from friends and family. The shoes, that have been my go to wedge of the summer, I found brand new at goodwill. Best four dollar's I spent this season.

 Another thing, many retailer's donate to thrift stores. I have found so many item's from target, brand new with tags. Unfortunately sometimes thrift stores gouge the price of the new items donated, and it would have been cheaper to buy it on clearance than what they are asking. So, be aware of that.

The great thing about thrifting is, you don't have much money at all invested in your clothing. So, you don't feel guilty changing with the trends, or donating it back after one season. And, as a mom to four. If ,or should I say, when, a child spills something on your clothes, it's not a big deal.

 I say all the time, even if I had the extra money to buy new clothing. I don't think I could. I have a difficult time paying more than five dollars for any one piece of clothing, over twenty? I'd die.

 But, I do love clothing, and keeping up with the trends. And thrifting allows me to do just that! Have you found any good deals thrifting? I'd love to see!


Leah Raisingbushs said...

I love the shoes! You are a beautiful friend, inside & out!

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Awe, thank-you, beautiful friend! :)