Saturday, September 7, 2013

My favorites...

Typically, the lifestyle pictures are my favorite. Capturing kids, being just that. Kids. You can see their personalities. And that is my absolute favorite thing to capture. This is why I typically tell the parents of my clients. "It's okay if they don't look at my camera" or "No need to coach them, we got this."
I have had many parents, go off and do their own thing, while I take pictures. And many times, this works the best. I talk with the children, play, and happen to have a camera in one hand. We laugh, a.lot. I ask them what their favorite things are. Get them to tell me a secret, or "tell" on Mom and Dad. That ALWAYS brings out a genuine smile. Photographing children is a sacred dance, of trust, and getting to know their little hearts.
And when doing so, sometimes you strike Photography Gold.
When taking pictures of your own children, it's very much the same. Except you know their personalities. You know how to get a genuine smile. Many times I have found myself getting stressed out, I have to step back. Chill. And start over. Keeping a sense of humor is key when taking photographs of children, your own, or someone elses. And not having any care as to what it might take to make kids laugh and have fun. I have found with my own children, bringing a food prop is always a good idea. Big suckers, Apples, Animal Crackers. Something they can snack on, while taking photos. That happens to just look like a photo prop. But serves so much more than that! Food props keep little hands busy, hungry tummy's from rumbling, and sugar always helps bring out their personality! Haha!
(No, I did not photoshop their eyelashes. And no, they don't have mascara on. 
They have the longest and darkest eyelashes. Ever.)

 Sometimes it is in the "not looking" at the camera, that you capture the very memories you want to hang on to forever. Like the sun kissed cheeks of summer, little freckles and long eyelashes of your baby boy.
Or sometimes, you do get everyone to look at the camera. And while their expressions, may not be what you thought you want. When you look back, it just screams "Them". And really, don't you want to capture your favorite things about your children, or clients? That is my favorite thing about photography. Looking back over the pictures I take, and seeing the reflection of their personality shine through.

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