Monday, July 16, 2012


Yes. That word accurately describes the last 2 months. Having a sick child, a husband working across the country, packing and moving by myself. With four kids in tow. It's been chaotic.

I've been enjoying a week of just being together. No doctors appointments. No schedule. Just us. and lot's of boxes. Just knowing we are here. Together. Makes everything better.

The chaos is always in existence with four kids running around the house. Currently they are racing matchbox cars on the kitchen table. All are making "car sounds". The volume is LOUD. I love it. Sure, there's times when I feel like my ear drums may burst. But at the same time I feel like my heart could too.

This is normal. Just being together as a family. When you've had months of anything but normal activity. These moments are what I longed for. Hearing brothers play together. While their sister plays quietly in her room with her american girl dolls. Dogs nap in the sunshine pouring in through the window. All the while the hum of the refrigerator is in the background. Reminding me that God is SO good, that refrigerator was a steal of a deal on craigslist, and it's the nicest one I've ever owned. After almost ten years of marriage I have a fridge with an ice maker and water filter. It's the simple things that make this mamma's heart happy. Oh, and did I mention we have a garbage disposal and dish washer? Who knew that cooking and cleaning could be SO enjoyable in a functioning kitchen,with room to move around!?!? I may have danced around the kitchen yesterday to this song. (Video produced by my brother's company,they have mad skills)

Yep. Home. It's nice to be in our new home. If you come to visit you'll notice we don't have much in the way of furniture yet. I've made the decision that I won't buy anything that I don't love. So, we maybe sitting Chinese style on the ground for a while. But, It's fun! It's like traveling the world...or camping. Whatever is your favorite pastime of choice. I am so enjoying our time together, and though it's always crazy around here, it's not nearly as chaotic as it was. I'm editing photos,and getting ready to post sneak peeks! :)
Prepare for A.LOT. of pictures!

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