Monday, July 23, 2012


I've had many ask me why we moved. What were the events that made us decide this was the best for our family. I've had some time to gather my thoughts, and a book I've been reading has helped me clarify and realize the bigger picture and how I can best share that with all of you. I love these pictures, and thought that I'd share them with you. It's our sweet Elliott "driving" a friends Antique truck. They SO capture his personality. They were very impromptu pictures, and those often become my favorites.

My husband had been un-employed for nearly two years. Getting odd jobs here and there, continuing to do website design and development from home. But never getting offered anything with benefits, that was full time. We had been praying, and thought it wise that he apply anywhere and everywhere. In the fall of 2011 he started to apply for jobs in Georgia. We never heard back from any of them. In April he began a seasonal job. Not ideal, hardly made enough to support us. But, it was something. He continued to look and apply other places. He was offered a job at an asphault company. Still, a seasonal position. But he'd be making more, and decided he'd take it and work as many hours as they would let him. First he had to get his CDL and go through all of those qualifications. He put his resignation in at the landscaping company and his last day was the Friday before Mother's Day. On Saturday morning, he got a phone call from the company in Georgia that he applied with in the fall. They informed him that they had an opening, and wanted to interview him. He was to start at the asphault company after he got his CDL, and would  have a week between jobs We prayed about it, and decided we had the money to get him down to Georgia for an interview. It was the first full time job,with benefits that he had been offered in 2 years. So, Saturday we picked up a rental car, and I packed all of his clothing. Yes. All of it. While reading and praying Saturday I felt like the Lord kept prompting my heart. I felt like He was asking me "Do you Trust Me?". I also felt like he was telling me to "Step out in Faith". I asked the Lord to do two things, to show me this was His will. First, to have the company offer him the job in the interview. and Second, to have him start asap. In the back of my mind I  thought "It won't happen."...but then God would ask me "Do you Trust Me?" and to "Step out in faith". So I stayed up until the early morning hours packing all of Brandon's things. When he woke up to leave, I'm pretty sure he thought I was crazy. I just knew he would need it. He wasn't convinced.

On Monday morning he went to the interview. It went well, they offered him a fairly decent package,and then offered him the job. In the interview, and wanted him to start asap. As he was walking out of the interview, his phone rang. It was another company that he had applied with in Georgia, six months prior. They told him they now had an opening, and wanted to interview him.

It's as though God said "I'll do one better, I'll have two jobs offered to him."

Brandon interviewed with the second company. They offered him the job, in the interview. With benefits. And offered a higher pay package, with bonus'. And wanted him to start asap.

Clearly. God was ALL over this. He went above and beyond answering my requests.
 Next came finding a house. I flew down to Georgia over Memorial Day weekend. We drove around alot, and looked at many houses. My brother and his wife live in Georgia. So I really wanted to be in close proximity to them. Everything we looked at was at least 20 minutes from them. And all the houses went SO fast. We live in a military town. As soon as a house would become available, we would call to see it. Never failed someone signed a lease before they'd even seen the house. The day after I flew home. My sister in law saw the neighbors putting a for rent sign in their yard. The house was going to be available in about a month, and yes, it's literally right next door to my brother and his wife. We jumped on it.

Brandon looked at it. It was 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms,open concept floor plan. Really everything we could want or need. Had a huge fenced in back yard and was in our price range. And did I mention RIGHT NEXT DOOR to my brother his wife and my adorable nephew and niece?!?

Again. All God. I couldn't help but feel like God was saying to me "See, you stepped out in faith, you trusted Me. I answered. Quit putting Me in a box, I'm faithful!" I've been soooo humbled through this entire process.

We have been here for two weeks. It's home. We chose to move, because God showed himself faithful in the little details. We have a handful of things that are very important to our family. Such as me staying home with our Children, educating them at home. My husbands new job allow's for those things to continue. We are thankful for that. Sure, it comes with sacrifices. Leaving family and friends, selling most of our possessions,  leaving our church family. It's been hard. But, again, God has proven himself faithful in the littlest details.

I've been reading a book, that I really think everyone should read. If you have moved, or know someone who has, or maybe just as a way to better relate to someone who is moving. I found it at our local public library. (Another thing that is totally awesome about our new home town! We have an amazing library!)

And as for our Elliott. He is doing okay. We'd covet your prayers as we are in the throws of transferring all of his medical care here. There has been some  insurance hang ups, that would be ever so nice to get figured out. Soon. Plus, meeting new Doctors etc is never fun. He has not had fevers, but has a rash all over his body that we can't figure out. The seizure medications have been working, for that we are thankful. Pray that the doctors can get to the bottom of the rash over his body, and the lethargy he faces on a daily basis.
Thank you friends!

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