Thursday, July 12, 2012


Hello! I promise I've not been lost. Though, I rather feel like I have been.

Suppose I have been lost in a sea of boxes. Many.Boxes.


We have moved. Across country.

It's sooo good to all be together again. My husband accepted a job,and had been away from us for 2 months. A very.long. 2. months.
So,even though my new house is a disaster,full of boxes and random toys everywhere.
It's nice to be in our new to us house. 

I just wanted to say thank-you to our many friends and family who helped make this move possible.
I could not have done it without you! Really. I would have been lost without all of you!

The kids are enjoying a new house, and we live right next door to my brother and wife and their two kids. So that's been awesome!

Currently they are running around in the sprinkler and I need to get back to packing while they are distracted and entertained! I will post pictures soon for clients who came to mini sessions before I left. There are SO many great shots! A huge thank you to all of my clients! I am so blessed to call all of you friends!
 More posts to come!

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