Thursday, July 19, 2012


Yesterday I had a hot date with my husband. We did really romantic things, like put the electric in both of our names. Then, we had pictures taken together....for new drivers licence. They look more like mug shots. Then we got a better deal on car insurance. Gotta love saving money on that! We did manage to have a yummy lunch together. After taking nearly three hours just to do those things, I was rather grouchy and starving. A huge thanks to my sister in law who watched our kids so we could go on our romantic outing. While sitting at the BMV forever, and listening to a small child scream his head off. I thought "Man,I'm so glad we have family here, so we didn't have to drag our kids along with us!". I wanted to scream my head off there...I can't imagine how horrible it had to be for that poor little kid! After lunch we picked the kids up and took them to the library. We all got library cards. Seriously, my kids were SO excited! First of all, the library is HUGE and brand new. The children's librarian gave the kids a tour, and she was just the sweetest. Dressed in typical awesome librarian fashion, with her polka dot navy blue dress and white doily collar and brown tortoise shell glasses. She was ever so excited to show the children around while  I filled out paper work for their cards. I was excited such a sweet lady is the librarian, she for sure will be a favorite person to visit for my children. She hosts a home school reading program once a week. We signed ourselves up. Who knows, I might just have to pull out some leather book straps, vests,knee socks,and apples and do our back to school pictures at the library! :) We will no doubt be frequent visitors. Today, we are going on a bike ride. Gotta scope out our huge neighborhood. I'll take the video camera along. Maybe we'll see the huge snake that's claimed my sister in laws yard as it's territory. But I really  hope not. I sure am loving seeing my family on a daily basis. The other night we had a delicious dinner with my brother's family. Was so nice to sit around a table with him and talk. I've missed that. Well, I'm off to make memories with my kiddos today. I've gotten all of the CD's edited and mailed out, and now can sit back and relax! Well, and paint and unpack. But that's relaxing to me!

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