Saturday, September 15, 2012


Yesterday we headed to Atlanta to Emory Children's Health Center. We encountered very little traffic,and found Emory fairly easily. That alone was a miracle.

Elliott's appointment went really well. The doctor we saw had already reviewed Elliott's file, and had consulted with other doctors. After meeting with us,and thoroughly evaluating Elliott, he believe's he knows what Elliott has.

Elliott has been unofficially diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. There are different classifications, Elliott's would be the systemic arthritis. I say "unofficially" because we are giving him a trial medication for 2 weeks. If it helps, (will know not just by him feeling better but also by having labs to check his WBC and inflammation) then we will know that in fact is what he has. We are thankful for answers, and that the pediatrician, oncologist, neurologist, infectious disease doctor, gastroenterologist and rheumotologist agree that his symptoms match this diagnoses, and not a few other things that had been considered. We might have to add a cardiologist to that list in the near future to make sure he does not have any inflammation in his heart.

If the medications work, we won't have to go back to Emory until October. We are praying this is the answer for Elliott. He has been in so much pain and discomfort, we'd really like for him to have some relief.
Thank you for your prayers, love and encouragement. We are so blessed to have a community of family and friends who have done so much for our family.

For those of you who have just gotten to know Elliott, here are some of our favorite pictures of him. Please continue to pray that this is the answer we have been searching for, and that the anti-inflammatory medications will help him.

I'm off to pack! We ARE going on vacation to the beautiful South Carolina beaches of Hunting Island. We are so excited, and thankful to have some much needed time away as a family!
Be prepared to see a lot of this....on this blog next weekend!

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