Saturday, September 1, 2012

Really?!? Thank you God!

So. Yesterday was just one of those days. The kind you have to search and look for God's hand, because it's not so easy to see. After the dreaded phone call, the day before, and the endless waiting for calls to schedule appointments for Elliott. I decided to keep busy. I have to say, for anyone who has ever been facing health struggles for your child. It's a very surreal place to be in. Everyone else is living their daily lives, and you just seem to be frozen. Strange. Perhaps. But that is how I felt yesterday. And when your in that frozen moment, you do strange things to try to "feel normal". When in reality, your anything but.

For example. I went around the house fixing things. Random things. Maybe it's because I can't fix this situation. Glue gun in hand, every darn trinket that needed repaired. Has been.
Then I cleaned. And when I say cleaned...I went OCD freak. Took magic erasers to every door frame in the house. Maybe it's because I'd really like all of this to magically erase as if to say "Be gone sickness!". I scrubbed my kitchen floor so hard, you could now eat off of it. I washed every rug in the house,every bed linen,every dirty piece of clothing. At one point Jackson said, wow mom, who's coming over? We had Liam, our 2 year old cousin over, just so I could say we were "having company". Because, you know, 2year olds can totally tell if your house is a mess. And so my kids would know, "Oh, this is Mom just doing her usual, "Ack,someone is coming over, clean like crazy" routine. Not the "Ack, Mom is loosing her mind, and going OCD psychotic on us!"

The plus side to all of this?!? I woke up to a beautiful clean home...down side? Every freaking bone in my body hurts.

So, as I'm cleaning, Liam is over playing with cousins, Elliott is chilling in our bed. Thank the Lord for PBS Kids.(he doesn't understand the concept of commercials, and gets SO TICKED over them, and we are thankful for a TV,after a few years of not owning one, Daddy surprised us and got one before the Olympics! Considering the only thing he feels up to doing is watching tv or sleeping, I'm so thankful we have something to occupy him.)

I'm cleaning like a psycho.

Two precious friends called. Not just one. But two. They know me well. They knew I was probably loosing my mind. These are the two friends who have repeatedly dropped everything to run to my side. Since they live like 800 miles away, they can't do that. But they can call. Man, I'm so thankful they did. Those were the only two times I sat down yesterday. I'm a bad friend. I don't call people like I should. Thankfully I have friends who know that, and choose to still love me. I am so blessed. It was great to hear their voices. Besides the whole "How is Elliott, are you okay conversations" Every thing was normal. I could hear their precious babies in the background, made me miss not being able to hold them and love on them. I love those babies like my own. We laughed, and one had to go to change an exploded diaper. And in that moment, everything was normal. After I hung up with them, I felt so blessed. God is good to give me these glimpses of goodness through the friends He has given me.

I got on face book. To find THE  MOST encouraging note, from a friend and Mamma who's walked a simular road. God knew I needed that. Desperately. I seriously stood in my kitchen making a gourmet lunch for my kids (Watermelon and smoothies!) with the computer propped up on the counter, sobbing.

 I could only read portions at a time because I was SO overwhelmed how God spoke through a woman I have ALWAYS greatly admired and looked up to. The fact that she took time out of her busy schedule,and own health struggles to offer me encouragement. WOW! I was blown away!

After Liam left, it was still daylight outside, the kids had been coming in and out from the back yard. But I told the kids it was time to stay inside, I walked to the front door, locked it and turned the alarm on. Why, I don't know.

Actually, I do. It was God prompting me!

 I made the kids dinner early,(never happens),bathed them and put them in our bed to watch a little PBS before bed. I went to put the rest of the clean laundry away in our hall closet. When I heard the front door knob rattle. Brandon had just texted to say he was on his way home. So I thought for a split second it might be him.

We had just replaced the dead bolt because on Wednesday (upon arriving home from the doctors office), my key would not even go into the lock. It was like someone had tried to pick it. I thought it was strange. But our landlady was really nice, and brought a lock (and we talked for over an hour,she's a sweet Christian lady!) and Brandon replaced it on his day off Thursday.

 Oh! And one more tidbit. Last week, Jackson left his bike on the front porch, someone stole it. A sweet neighbor saw it in the middle of the street at the front of our subdivision and we recovered it. But still. Not cool.

All the lights in the house were off. So I switched the front porch light on when I heard what sounded like someone tripping. I said "Brandon?". No response. I ran to Clara's bedroom window, nothing. I called my sister in law next door, she told my brother, he ran outside, and saw the perp in the neighbors yard across the street running away. I called the police. They think they know who it was. I honestly had to laugh. I had no tears. I'm thankful for the alarm. And for my brother being right next door.

Brandon came home, and the police were getting a statement from me and combing the area with mag lights and dogs. I got the mail, and came inside. What can I say, when things like this keep happening, you just carry on, and getting the mail seemed logical and a normal thing to do.

 Brandon ate his dinner, just another normal night at our house. You know, with the sweet sounds of police and dogs combing your yard, zipping up and down the road. Brandon was opening the mail, when there in front of us was an envelope from the power company in Indiana. My first thought was "Is that a check?". Now that would be the icing on the cake of this wonderfully bizarre blessed day.

It was a Check. And we just sat there staring at each other. God knew we needed gas money this week. And he sent it via American Electric, because apparently, we over paid our bill. Two months ago.

And that's the end of our crazy day....where I could not stop saying..."Really?!?".


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