Friday, December 3, 2010

Birthday Party!

We had a combined birthday party for our three oldest who all have birthday's in the Fall. We waited until my brother and his wife and son (yes,I have a ever so sweet adorable nephew named Liam) would be in town to have the party.
we invited family,and the kids picked the friends they wanted to have come.A grand time was had by all. And if it wasn't,well,it was never expressed to me. ;)
This years theme was neverland. My amazing sister in law Kaity (my husbands sister) made the cake.
I could not have even come close to making such an amazing piece of art. And it tasted great too!
I tried to have all the food go along with the theme,we had:
-Peter-Panwiches(subs,and star cut pb & j's)
-Smee's fish and Chips (goldfish,doritos,cheetos,and freetos)
-Tinks Magic Wands (string cheese,pretzels dipped in white chocolate,twizzlers)
-Michaels Teddy Bears (teddy grahams)
-Pirate Canon Balls (grapes)
-Lost Boy Candies (sour patch kids)
-Walk the Plank Wafers (wafer cookies)
-Mermaid Lagoon Cookies (sugar cookies with aqua frosting and sprinkles)

We had a TON of food!
My amazing sister in law Olivia (my brothers wife) is an artist,and she whipped up a sketch of Peter-Pan to play pin the sword on Peter. Kids had fun with that. We filled a treasure box FULL of gold wrapped candy. Each kiddo got to take a brown paper bag home filled with candy.
It was so much fun to watch my kids enjoy their birthday party,and get so excited when their friends arrived. Such fun memories!

I had made costumes for Halloween this year. Jackson was Peter Pan,Clara was Wendy,Elliott was John,and Riley was Michael. They did not want to wear their costumes for the party,not really sure why. But,that had been the original plan. Just glad I got pictures of them in their costumes on Halloween! We did tell all of their little friends they could come dressed up if they wanted. And a few did!

Blogger is being difficult,so I'm just posting a whole bunch of pictures below this post!

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