Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cookies..and a Cat.

Yesterday we spent the day at my husbands grandmothers house- Great Grandma McCollough's house. The kids were SO excited to help "paint cookies",and of them! I'm pretty sure they are still on a sugar high. After helping to paint cookies,they retreated to the toy closet,and that entertained them for a little while. Jackson discovered the game battle ship,and begged Grandma to play with him. Then,they all had to go check out the crawl space.Yes,you read that right. My children are fascinated with Great Grandma's crawl space. I have to say,it's the cleanest crawl space I've ever seen!

Buckeye's cooling in the hubby's favorite Christmas treat!
My sister in law did the stars on the tree free handed! I did the lotso bear!
Cookies,Icing...and more Cookies!
Some of the finished product.You can tell the cookies my children it!
My mother in law and sister in law.The children had sat still long enough,and were off playing!
Elliott working on his soldiers!
Jackson discovered the game battleship and is playing with mom...
Ry,sneaking cookies...

My little boys playing with the ball.

Our days have been filled with playing dress up as of late. Jackson was given a cat in the hat costume for his birthday. He loves it! The other day,he took Clara's cheerleading pompoms and put them down in his costume. We all died with laughter as he danced around the living room for us...I had to grab my camera to get a picture.Out of the corner of my eye,I see Ry with a rubber bat saying "he's a pinata". Then swinging it at Jackson.
**no animals/children were harmed in the making of these pictures** ;)

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