Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snow daze....

This picture was taken from an upstairs window of our house...thats our back yard...

Yep,it's that season where we live.

The season of spending many-a-day's inside.

Being born in the south and loving all things "beach and palmtree's" this time of year is not exactly my favorite.

The snow is beautiful,no doubt about that! I love the reminder for me that God can turn my mess of a life,pure like snow,upon asking for it. That is beautiful!

I now have a better understanding why my Nana and Popop moved from New York with many little children (they had six total) to Orlando Area Florida.

Winter's with little ones is hard. I did manage to find everyone's snow gear from last year.And most of it still fits them. Clara's snow pant's were a size 4t,and were more like snow capri's. So we picked up some new pink snow pants last night at walmart. Considering most of her snow pants have been blue or black,she is THRILLED! This means we won't be able to pass them on to the little boys...but she will most likely be able to wear them for another three years like she wore the last ones! Of course not everyone has snow boots,their feet grow so fast! We never did find any for Jackson for last year...maybe we will be able to get some this year as he really likes to be outside.

The kiddo's "helped" daddy shovel the driveway last night. We have a really,really,long driveway. Thankfully it's paved,but if you don't get out and shovel right away,it's near impossible as the snow gets SO heavy.

I don't know the exact amount of snow we have now,but I had to go out and clean off the bushes so they don't break. I'd say there was at least four to six inches that fell last night alone,as you can't even tell we shoveled at all.

The kids loved going outside and running around and I loved the ten minutes of quiet in the house. Yep,they only lasted ten minutes. It's COLD! It took me about thirty minutes to locate all the snow gear,and get each of them into it all.

Poor Riley could hardly walk...and I could not stop laughing.I know,I'm terrible. But to see him waddle out to the drive way to his Daddy...that was priceless.

My mom and I braved the weather last night,and went grocery shopping. My Dad was kind enough to drive us. I bought enough groceries for a month. We left with four carts full. But,if you had to shop for six people,and then load it up in a parking lot COVERED in snow,you'd get enough to last a long time too!

My mom bought the kids slippers,and to see their expressions of joy last night was just so sweet! Riley said over and over "I wuvb dees swippers" and then would tap his little foot so serious. Brandon and I kept saying it over and over after he went to bed last night.

The boys helped me put away all the Y2K supplies,err, groceries. Our pantry is in our basement. Jackson would carry the bags down the stairs,put them in the back of Riley's coop car,and Ry would "ride" over to the pantry to put the bags away. Ry was taking it all SO seriously. Jackson was happy to oblige and really got into it too. Ry would load his car up saying "oh,dis is my favbrite"...or "oh dis is beary heaby".As he "drove" off would say "bye evbrybody".

I just can't get enough of them. We laughed the entire time we were putting groceries away.We are so thankful for groceries,and snow pants,and slippers.

Oh,and they slept in their slippers,I love it.

We played with play dough yesterday too. Many thanks to Aunt Rachel and Uncle Jake for the huge amount of play dough they blessed us with for the kids birthday's. It's a favorite activity for the kids.It entertained them for over an hour! :)

I've gotten our Christmas decorating done.Though I did not get everything out...as I just did not feel like it this year. I did a few new different things,like hanging ornaments in the windows. Our tree is a hand-me-down tree from the family that owns the house.Was so nice of them to give it to us to use. :) I re-arranged so the tree could be in front of the window,it's not the most practical arrangement...but I just LOVE "a tree in the window" look! I'll take more pictures...when I don't have a basket of laundry on the couch...and better lighting.:)
So,thats what we did yesterday...and today will most likely be much the same.:)

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