Thursday, December 23, 2010

Exhausted.Elliott's Surgery.More Exhaustion.

One of my all time favorite pictures of Elliott taken at Halloween...he was Jon from Peter-pan!

Yesterday at 11:40,our third born Elliott had surgery in his mouth to remove a mass,that had grown to almost the size of a penny.

He walked himself back to the room,climbed up onto the chair/table like thing. And let the doctor go to work. They did not have to put him under,and that actually worked in everyones favor!
Elliott could tell him if something hurt/didn't,and he could hold his mouth open on his own,and Elliott was able to leave right away,instead of staying until everything wore off before being able to go home.

I WAS AMAZED! He was SOOOO brave!!!! WAY more brave than I EVER would have been!!!

The surgery was fast,about fifteen to twenty minutes. I went back with him,to hold his hand. The doctor kept saying over and over what a good patient Elliott was. Seriously,the kid never whimpered,cried,nothing. He just laid there and let everyone go to work!

Me on the other hand. I began to feel queezy. Like the I could pass out any minute queezy. And I HATE that! Here my son is being SO brave,and I was having a hard time?!? So,I just tried to keep my composer and not look at everything they were doing to his mouth. I did well through the whole surgery...until the doctor looked at me and began to tell me details of what he just did. The room began to get brighter.My hearing became strained. I knew I was about to pass out,so I reached for something in my purse,on the floor. Hoping that would make my blood rush to my head,it worked but not for very long.Needless to say they sewed Elliott up,I made it to the bathroom.Then we sat in the waiting room for a while because curious George was on and he wanted to watch it....well thats what I told the lady at the desk. And that was true,but I also was not totally myself yet,and knew I should not drive in an -about to pass out- state!!!

What I do know and remember from what the doctor told me. Is this.
The mass shredded as they began to take it out,it was not a hard solid mass. Typically,if it's a tumor or cancerous,it does not shred.He really believes this was scar tissue.Perhaps something he was even born with,a large mass of tissue is what we had been praying for. Of course,he cautioned that it still has to be biopsied. And he could be totally wrong,and by the way it heals, will also tell us if it was scar tissue or something much more serious. IE:if it grows back,it was most likely not scar tissue.

We are believing God's hands are all over this,and that Elliott will heal just great.

Though yesterday and last night were rather long.He won't stop biting his cheek/lip.Or sucking his thumb. I have to constantly tell him not too do either. So pray with me that this heals up,cause so far,its been a long road. His lip is swollen pretty bad. so bad I can hardly see the stitches. Thats another thing I'm concerned about. So,pray with me that the swelling goes down. That the stitches stay in place for a week until they need to be removed. That NO infection sets in! And that we can figure out something for the pain,as the Tylenol with codeine did NOT calm him down,but in fact made him anxious and jittery. I've got him on motrin but he's more irritable,and that tells me he's in pain.

Last night he slept in our bed. Well,he fell asleep at one am.Once the Tylenol was out of his system. But at 4:30 am he woke up screaming. I've never in my life seen him cry,scream,and throw a fit like last night. I thought I was having a bad nightmare.After almost an hour we got him to settle down to take some motrin. By six he was back to sleep again. Needless to say.We are exhausted. And as his Mommy,I feel terrible he's had to go through this. And that makes me emotional, and in turn makes me more exhausted.

Your prayers mean so much to us.More than I can say! We covet them! Elliott is sitting on my lap right now,asking to go shopping. I think laying down and watching a movie is what we will be doing! :)

Will keep you all posted! Love and Blessings!~Bethany

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