Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Gatherings...

It's that time of year! Family Christmas Gatherings are upon us,and our first one was the Hartman Family Christmas. This year my inlaws found a missionary family who's had to come back to the states,and we bought Christmas gifts for their family.

We first went to the mall to pick out the gifts. I did not know how that would go down,as I've only braved the mall a handful of times with all four of our children during the holiday season. I imagined melt downs,lots of people,children needing to use the potty,crying because they saw something they wanted....in other words....a nightmare before Christmas experience.

But,I'm always willing to try something,once. So,off we went,with goldfish snacks,strollers,sippy cups,and an all else fails plan of DVD's in the van... in case Daddy and children would need to retreat from the shopping.

Sure,there was a little of all mentioned above,but really overall I think the kids did really great. And,thankfully there was not a TON of people as I had anticipated. We purchased the gifts for the family,and headed back to my in laws house to wrap them,eat dinner,play games and watch a movie. Oh,and I can't forget,opening stockings!

My hubby with his new drill bits!
This picture came out blurry because we were walking through the mall. But,I still love it! Ry on my father in laws shoulders!
Our sweet Clara girl!
Mom opening her stocking gifts from Dad.
Jackson helping Elliott...
Clara with her stocking...
Ry looking through his slinky
Daddy and Clara working on a puzzle...
The amazing peppermint mocha white chocolate cake my sister in law made!

(If mom is reading this,thank you for the slinky's I've only spent about two hours of my day today attempting to untangle them...HAHA!)

We had a great time together. We played phase ten,a family favorite while the "kids" (Grandpa,Uncle Adam,Uncle Jake and my children) watched despicable me. My sister in law Drea is a phase ten champion,and was beating all of us. We gave up and decided not to attempt to finish the game.lol!

We have three more Christmas Gatherings to go this week. I'm really looking forward to watching the kids open their gifts this year! I think it's the first year they all totally understand what Christmas is about. That's so exciting!

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