Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Dentist...Again.

What a day! I'd appreciate your prayers!

Ry (our youngest) fell down in the basement last night.On the concrete floor.

His front tooth was pushed back,and he will be going to the dentist shortly to have it looked at and hopefully fixed.

It was a bad fall,and bled bad. I did not realize that his tooth was pushed back until I looked closer this morning.

In other dental news. Our Elliott is having surgery on the 22nd for a mass that is growing in his mouth. After the mass is removed it will be biopsied.We are praying everything comes back clear,and there is nothing to be concerned about.Elliott has already had a root canal done earlier this year,he did not even cry or flinch when that was done.He has a very high pain tolerance! And thankfully that first experience was not traumatizing so he has no fear of the dentist either.From what we understand Elliott will have to be very careful what he eats for a while after the surgery. Being a child who is already quite picky,and would rather just drink fluids all day as opposed to actually eating,I don't think a fluid only diet for a few days will bother him at all. I'm trying to look on the positive side.

Needless to say,we have gotten to know our pediatric dentist quite well. It's going to be a crazy Christmas! And to say I'm exhausted,would be the understatement of the year. Off to the dentist again...and stopping to pick up a latte for Mommy on the way!!!!

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